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Yu Bingquan, the chairman of the company, never forgets to give back to the society in the process of leading the enterprise to create wealth. He always adheres to the concept of "getting from the society and returning to the society". With a heart of kindness, he does his best to repay the society and contribute to social harmony and stability.

In 2006, Yu Bingquan, on behalf of the company, donated RMB 300000 to Huzhou Charity Federation for targeted assistance, which was named "Red Eagle Group charity fund". In 2007, on behalf of the company, he donated RMB 500000 to the municipal Charity Association, and on behalf of himself, he donated RMB 500000 to implement targeted assistance. During the Wenchuan earthquake on May 12, 2008, he led all employees of the company to donate RMB 37000, the company donated RMB 205000, and also sent more than RMB 100000 of "Dinglianfang's zongzi" and high-quality rice to the disaster area. In 2009, he jointly invested 100000 yuan in the chicken raising poverty alleviation project in the poverty-stricken villages of Kangshan street, which helped six poor farmers get rid of poverty through the development of breeding industry. He teamed up with Yushan village in Daixi town and donated RMB 150000 to help change the water route. He took the lead in the construction of public welfare forest, released algae and fish, bought back the exhaust gas from his car, and became the first person to "buy carbon" in Huzhou. Since 2013, the company's centenary brands "Dinglianfang" and "Zhoushengji" have donated 2 %o of the turnover, which is the first consumer charity. "Dinglianfang" has the signboard of "safe noodle shop". In order to promote the core values of socialism, the section of charity Saturday, which is set up in the column of Aqi's stories, is specially broadcast by Red Eagle Group. In 2014, RMB 300000 was donated to the launching ceremony of the municipal charity care fund of "good people have good news"; RMB 200000 was donated to the "smile of tomorrow - Red Cross psychological crisis intervention"; RMB 230000 was donated to the charity auction of Zhang Tianlin's works. In 2016, the "Red Eagle warm home project rescue fund" was set up, which is specially used to help the elderly who have "lost their children" since the implementation of the basic national policy of family planning. It contributes RMB 40000 per year for five consecutive years.

In recent years, the company has donated more than 12 million yuan, and the fund established by individuals has donated more than 1 million yuan. These charities have won many provincial and municipal awards, and in 2017, it was awarded the fifth Zhejiang charity donation award. In 2018, it was named "Huzhou charity outstanding contribution award", and Yu Bingquan was named "Top Ten Charity Stars" of the province.




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